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About Us

 Sankalp Mind care Trust Provides medical care facility as an outpatient clinic for common mental illnesses like Depression, Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses, addictions and many other…

 Also experienced psychiatrist treats various childhood and adolescent psychological isues, women psychological problems like premenstrual dysphoria, pregnancy & postpartum depression, menopause related psychological issues ,Geriatric mental health issues,Counselling services and various psychotherapies like Cognitive behaviour therapy etc…

 Helps to deal with stress related issues by individual counselling, meditation, hypnotherapy empower self towards positive mental health.

 To Provide High quality, cost effective, optimal mental health care services to community.

 To do mental health education programs at various levels in community and helping to create a state of mind which is free from stress, anxiety and worries.

 To do skill based workshops and seminars related to how to overcome negative emotions, barriers, sadness, lack of confidence etc…and Learning the secrets of happiness.

 Student mental health and wellbeing- Building resilient students with positive mental health for achieving goals.

Our Vision is for a world with good mental health for all.

Our mission is to help people understand, protect and sustain their mental health and promote positive mental health. Helps to achieve state of Happiness &Psychological wellbeing, a state of mind where calmness & comfort which are important for personal and professional development prevails.


Outpatient treatment of common psychiatric illnesses

Treatment of common mental health disorders like Depression,OCD,PTSD,Bipolar disorders,Schizophrenia,Anxiety disorders,Sleep disorders,Somatic symptom disorders,Personality disorders,Childhood psychiatric disorders,Geriatric mental health disorders etc…

Counselling and various psychotherapies

Individual counselling,Marital counselling,Family counselling,
CognitiveBehaviour therapy,Rational emotive behaviour therapy,Motivational counselling.

De–addiction services

To quit tobacco and related products,Alcohol,opioid etc... Step by step counselling and motivational therapy to quit these substances.

Programs related to stress management

Group workshops related to stress management, Parenting workshops, Student's programs to deal with Exam stress,
Empowering workshops for females.

Meditation and hypnotherapy

Progressive muscular relaxation &Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness meditation etc…

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Person can book appointment at convenient time

Affordable charges

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Privacy, confidentiality will be maintained fully

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